Right before we head into the winter season 2018, we have experienced a tornado storm in Northern Rhode Island and South Massachusetts. News reports on hail, trees, roofs, windows, cars, electrical wires are all potentially damaged throughout the affected areas.

Here at Skyview Exteriors, we are offering free roof inspection in Lincoln, RI and affected surrounding areas. We embrace and strive to educate property owners of both residential and commercial property on what current and updated buildings codes are.

This will and should help with filing insurance claims. Having a local trusted, licensed and reputable company are attributes a property owner should look for when dealing with storm damage.

We consider ourselves roofing specialist on low slope and steep slope roofs. We always recommend installing a roofing system where adequate attic ventilation, attic insulation and a roof replacement up to code and per manufacturer instructions.

When handling storm damage such as tornadoes, wind, hail and having roof leak needed repair or replacement it is first recommended to have a roofing company in Rhode Island and/or Massachusetts to tarp the roof to prevent further damage. Once assessed and inspected by your roofing company in Rhode island and Massachusetts, it is important to contact your insurance company and file a claim and appointment with insurance adjuster. It is important to have your company that inspected your property damage to point out to the insurance adjuster what the findings are and how your property has been affected by the recent tornado storm.

For more information, clarification, or to schedule an appointment feel free to contact us at (401) 375-4491 or info@skyviewexteriors.com or fill our form out so we can reach back out to you to help you asses your storm damage.