Roof Snow Removal Service in RI and MA

Winter is here… as the heavy snowfall begins, don’t neglect your roof! If you let snow build up on your rooftop, it can lead to the formation of ice dams. Ice dams often lead to damaged roofs and water leaks inside the home, so it’s important to prevent them from forming. Snow build-up also puts unnecessary stress on your roof due to the excess weight. Did you know that one foot of snow piled up on your roof can easily equate to thousands of pounds? The ice dams that form as a result are even heavier. A snow removal company can prevent ice dams from forming by cleaning off your roof shortly after heavy snow. To protect your home from premature wear and potentially expensive damage, contact Skyview Exteriors for roof snow removal services. We offer residential snow removal services across MA and RI.

When should I get professional roof snow removal service?

  • If you’ve had ice dams form in the past, remove the snow from your roof after every 6 inches of snowfall (unless the snow is expected to melt from warmer temperatures within a few days).
  • If you’ve never had an ice dam, you can typically wait until there’s one foot of snow on your roof before you should consider removal services.
  • After a storm with especially wet (heavy) snow. Snow’s weight and density can vary significantly. Light, fluffy snow can weigh just 7 pounds per cubic-foot. Wet, heavy snow can weigh over 20 pounds per cubic-foot.



Snow Removal Company

If you want to protect your roof from water damage and possible collapse, it’s important to hire a professional snow removal company. There are several “do-it-yourself” methods for roof snow removal. They are generally unsafe, both for you and your roof. If you live in a small, one-story home, you may be able to remove snow yourself using a roof rake that you can pick up at most hardware stores.

If you would have to shovel your roof, we strongly recommend contacting us instead. Climbing a ladder and walking on a roof in the winter should be left to professionals. Even if you could do it safely, it’s likely you’d damage shingles because they are very fragile in the cold.

When you contact us, we may choose to either rake or shovel your roof. We try to find a solution that works best for your home and minimizes potential risks. Our snow removal services are fast and affordable, keeping your home protected without breaking the bank.


Residential Snow Removal Services Near Me

Looking for residential snow removal services in Rhode Island or Massachusetts? We offer our roof snow removal services across the majority of both states. View our service area map or give us a call to find out if we service your town. Skyview Exteriors is one of the region’s most trusted snow removal companies because we offer fair prices and excellent service. We’re careful not to damage shingles in the process and we can also remove ice dams if they’ve already formed. Call us today to schedule your snow removal.

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